What are your prices? What dates are available?

For current pricing guide and a quote for your event, book a date through the Book Today button.

Do you have a minimum and maximum guest count?

Minimum of 50 guests payment required for The Round Barn venue space. Maximum indoor occupancy is 250 guests, and outdoors there is no limit.

Do you offer discounts for children?

Catering options specific to children can be ordered at a reduced rate.

How late can my reception go?

Receptions end at midnight unless otherwise arranged. Music ends at 11:45pm.

What is your alcohol policy?

Un-Knotted Cafe catering handles all beverages. They have many options that are sure to be to your liking and budget. They also provide bartender and/or servers.

Is there a cake-cutting fee?

Nope, we don’t mind cutting your cake for free.

Is there a separate fee for the ceremony?

Yes, each site on the ranch has its own price structure. Please contact us for details. 

What are your procedures for decorating?

Decorating may begin as early as 9am on the day of the wedding. You are free to decorate yourself at no additional cost, but decorating plan must be pre-approved. We also have many wonderful items you may rent. You may bring in things of your own, or from other venders. If you’d like, we can do the decorating for you at an additional cost.

Do you require wedding insurance?

Yes, we recommend “Wedsafe”

Are there seasonal or weekday rates?

Yes, see our packages page for more information

Is the site handicap accessible?

Yes, but there are gravel roads, which are more difficult to traverse than concrete or blacktop. We can make special arrangements to transport people who need extra help.

What if it rains?

No worries, we have ample indoor and covered outdoor space so that you won’t even get wet.

Do you have parking?

Yes, so much free parking!


6 beautiful brand new indoor plumbing bathrooms…we rough it, but not that rough.

Bees, you have bees??

Yes, we have 6 colonies of honeybees that are helping our crops and our community by overcoming the shortage of bees worldwide. They are loving little creatures, not the ones on your drink at the picnic (those are yellow jackets). They will only sting to defend their hives, which are fenced off and not near the venue.