Headwaters Hops Ranch

Our ranch is set on 500 beautiful acres in the Clarkston Valley surrounded by the Horseshoe Hills Mountains. The ranch is situated at the start of the Missouri river, where the Madison, Jefferson, and Gallatin rivers meet.  Headwaters Hops ranch will  feature 40 acres of hops and 40 acres of wildflowers. 


Hops, Wildflowers, and bees 

Like a scenic vineyard, our hops yard covers 40 acres of our ranch. Another 40 acres overflow with wildflowers every summer, with sunflowers, flax, yarrow and lavender begging to be included in bouquets. Meanwhile, six colonies of bees keep our ranch buzzing. 

Montana Horses 

Your event could be surrounded with horses in the hills, thanks to Montana Horses, which operated on Headwaters Hops Ranch. This is the largest family of horses in the country, run by a family who has been in the horse business for over a century. Learn more about their horsemanship programs at montanahorses.com



big sky hounds

Managed by Montana Horses, Big Sky Hounds offers a Western take on English Foxhunting, right here in the hills of the Ranch. Bring your horse, or lease on of ours to take part in this historic sport. Learn more at montanahorses.com