Headwaters Hops Farm

Our ranch is set on 500 beautiful acres in the Clarkston Valley surrounded by the Horseshoe Hills Mountains. The barn is situated at the start of the Missouri river, where the Madison, Jefferson, and Gallatin rivers meet.  Headwaters Hops farm will eventually feature 40 acres of hops and 40 acres of wildflowers.



Hops grow on bines in a yard that is very similar to grape vines but hop plants grow to be 20 feet tall and in the height of summer grow as much as 6 inches a day. These perennial plants produce lovely foliage and interesting little cones that eventually give your cool delicious beer its flavor.


We are planting many varieties of flowers including lavender, mountain flowers, sunflowers, flax, yarrow, barley and a variety of other bridal bouquet flowers. As you stroll though our fields on the way to our round barn you can stop and enjoy at our picnic tables and benches. If you would like to use these beautiful wildflowers to create arrangements and bouquets for your event please contact Kris at k.headwaters.hops@gmail.com. 



bees and honey

Six colonies of honeybees are hard at work on our farm. They help to boost our crops. Our bees are a very docile, non-aggressive breed. Come fall, after the bees have pollinated this seasons flowers, we will have pounds of honey to spare. If you are interested in having some for yourself, please contact us at k.headwaters.hops@gmail.com.